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We drive people, who can't drive themselves, to medical appointments

East Woodhay & Highclere Neighbourcare


Be driven

You might be looking for some help to get to medical appointments. We could drive you to hospital, your doctor's surgery, a chemist and all sorts of other places. If you live in or around East Woodhay, Woolton Hill, Penwood, Crux Easton, Ashmansworth or Highclere, you're in our patch. All you need to do is phone one of our jolly nice phone-answering people and they will sort you out. To get in touch, complete the form below


You might be interested in spending some time volunteering; perhaps driving? If you joined us, this might involve spending an hour or so driving someone to an appointment with a GP; or perhaps a half-day trip to a local hospital.

You would get training in how to deal with our more frail clients. You would be paid the standard HMRC motor mileage rate. You would be able do as much or as little as you like.

Although we have about three dozen lovely drivers, we are always looking for more.  Even if you only have time to do a few drives a year, it would be great to hear from you. Get in touch and we will explain what's what. 


East Woodhay & Highclere Neighbourcare is a voluntary organisation.

We have about 150 clients whom we drive around the local area and to hospitals further afield, We average about one trip a day. 

We do our stuff in the Church of England's NW Hampshire Benefice. Roughly this is East Woodhay, Woolton Hill, Penwood, Crux Easton, Ashmansworth and Highclere. For the geographic sticklers: here is a map.

Here's the team.

We are part of the Good Neighbours Network which is an initiative of the Council for Social Responsibility (Charity No 1145162).



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